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5K Results 2017

Pictured left to right: Cora Lasher, Lisa Asbury, Drew Garretson and Trent Sisley

Thanks so much to everyone who braved the cold rain this morning and came out for the 2017 edition of Mr. Lincoln’s Neighborhood 5K!  Moments after the start of the race, the rain stopped and the sun came out, so all was well in the end.  Congratulations to the overall top finisher, 10 year-old Trent Sisley of Santa Claus, who finished with a time of 23:42:21.  The second place finisher and top adult male finisher was Drew Garretson of Vincennes with a time of 23:54:59.  The top adult female finisher was Lisa Asbury of Santa Claus who finished with a time of 30:14:89.  The top female finisher under 16 was Cora Lasher of Evanston with a time of 32:16:98.  See the complete official results below.

Congratulations to all who participated and finished!  Also, special thanks to our sponsors:  Spencer Industries, Price & Associates, LLC, Martin-Serrin Insurance, Santa Claus Museum & Village, Uebelhor Chevrolet GMC Cadillac Toyota, Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari, Evergreen Boutiqe & Christmas Shop, and Lincoln Amphitheatre. 

We would also like to thank these other area businesses and individuals who donated cash or prizes:  Dale Pharmacy, Holiday Foods-Santa Claus, Edward Jones Investments, Santa’s Lodge, Great Clips-Owensboro, Long John Silvers-Jasper, Dr. Brittany Erwin-Masqueda, DDS and Dr. Arnold Braun, DDS, Golden Corral-Owensboro, Macy’s, Dairy Queen-Huntingburg, Family Roots Nursery, Grandview Aluminum Products and Ken Schaaf.

Official Results

1 Trent Sisley 23:42:21
2 Drew Garretson 23:54:59
3 Brenden Chew 24:14:62
4 Caleb Hayden 27:23:85
5 Tait Wetzel 28:37:77
6 Josh Wetzel 29:25:78
7 Nolan Hargus 29:30:90
8 Dwayne Detzer 29:57:51
9 Ty Wetzel 30:05:90
10 Lisa Asbury 30:14:89
11 Wyatt Broster 30:14:89
12 Tom Pulley 31:46:87
13 Cora Lasher 32:16:98
14 Allie Wetzel 36:12:95
14 Amber Wetzel 36:12:95
16 Tricia Smith 37:47:59
17 Christine Broster 42:07:27
17 Elijah Broster 42:07:27
19 Nevaeh Hayden 44:12:19
20 Kali Windle 44:12:46
21 Kennedy O’Nan 45:02:47
22 Abigail Broster 45:06:15
23 Cathy Young 49:48:91
24 Heather Sisley 50:44:49
25 Claire Sisley 50:44:83
26 Brittany Forler 50:45:81
27 Loyce Kulbeth 53:01:05
28 Erna Lloyd 53:08:82
29 Carolyn Disckerson 60:03:92
30 Sara Arnold 60:29:89
31 Lacey Stepro 67:33:88
32 Sally Ellsworth 67:40:70
33 Amanda Ellsworth 67:41:70

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